• Posted: 5th December 2017
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So, why Il Mondo? Il Mondo means the world in Italian. We admire the Italian culture and style and we wanted our company to reflect this and indeed “travel the world”.

Creating our brand was an exciting experience, allowing us to create a vibe, an experience which could be shared with others. Although our expertise lies in all aspects of travel, we have specialist knowledge in tailor-made luxury travel, therefore we wanted this to be represented in our branding. With the help of our website designer David Melleney at However Improbable we produced a creative coherent brand throughout from our logo and website to our store design.

Our idea was to create a composed setting for our clients to enjoy, allowing them to browse our selection of brochures in their own time whilst enjoying a cup of GOOD coffee (or prosecco if you would prefer!) We are aware of the ‘typical local travel agency’; old fashioned, inundated with offers, small and impersonal so we wanted to set ourselves apart from the others by providing our clients with a modern and spacious environment, reflecting tranquility; calm and worry-free – as we believe the excitement should start from the planning stage to the moment you return from your travels.

We are very aware that in these fast moving times that indeed ‘Time’ is a precious commodity. Something not to be wasted but enhanced by experience. We however make the time and use it wisely to craft the perfect travel arrangements so you don’t have to.

We strongly believe in supporting local businesses therefore we asked local artist ‘Peter Barber’ to hand paint a map on our wall – in of course rose gold and grey, and WOW didn’t he do a fabulous job!

Our branding lies with our differentiated approach; from our extensive knowledge and our personal service to extensive time spent on designing your travel arrangements in order to fine tune those smaller but yet most important details. We aim to get to know you on a personal level so that your travel arrangements meet your every need. We have introduced elements into the booking process which make it easier for you to book with us time and time again. The Il Mondo Profile stores your details and preferences which means we wont need to ask you the same questions twice.

We hope for you to experience the Il Mondo brand soon!



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