Hard to find, hard to forget.

  • Posted: 26th March 2019
  • Author: Lucy Bunting

We recently visited Miramonti Boutique Hotel, Italy, a special kind of escape…

Hard to find, hard to forget.

4,000 feet above Merano in Italy’s South Tyrol region you can find a place far away from everyday life, a special kind of escape – Miramonti Boutique Hotel. Created by self-made hoteliers Carmen and Klaus who combined their love for the extra-ordinary with the power of nature. Once just a three bedroom guest house in 1932 and now transformed into a modern, minimal masterpiece with 36 rooms and suites.

Upon arrival we were welcomed with an ‘Old World Lifestyle’ service, our car was parked for us, our luggage delivered to the room whilst we enjoyed a welcome drink admiring the mountain views.

This hotel ticks all boxes. Gourmet food, a wellness spa, indoor and outdoor living, a fitness studio, a Swedish forest sauna, 3 restaurants including a dining experience with panoramic views, a hot tub tucked away in the bushes and beautifully designed rooms. There is no wonder this place holds the title of one of the most “small luxury hotels” of the world. Combining unique beauty of the South Tyrol with the special things in life.

A 32-degree water infinity pool, 1.230m above sea level, and so very instragram-able! Spaces inspired around tradition, design and atmosphere where nature is the pure focus.

Miramonti, we can’t wait to experience you again.


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