• Posted: 17th May 2019
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British fashion and interiors designer Matthew Williamson shares the inspiration behind his masterpiece suite at Mallorca’s Belmond La Residencia.

With his dazzling floral patterns, dreamy aquamarine hues and luscious bird and butterfly prints, you could say Matthew Williamson’s work was made for Mallorca. Now the British fashion and interiors designer is bringing his signature style to Belmond La Residencia: this season, look forward to staying in a fabulous new suite designed by Deià’s latest artistic resident. He tells us what drew him to the island and his ideas for the space.

“I fell in love with Deià the first moment I arrived. I’d enjoyed a scenic drive up into the mountains and through the pretty town of Valdemossa. Deià is such a hidden gem and I really felt it was a place I wanted to explore more. A year after my first visit, I bought a small house in the area and have loved every minute of being there. I spend my days walking along the coastal paths with my dog or renovating my house. Next on my list I want to create a painting studio/office space so I can work from home. Deià’s a very friendly village and I’ve loved meeting all the locals. I’m also enjoying a slower pace to that of my lifestyle in London.”

“For suite 67 at Belmond La Residencia I’ve taken inspiration from the hotel’s rich history, the local architecture and scenery, and worked with nearby craftspeople and artists. These were my starting points and the backbone of my aesthetic. I also wanted to inject the project with my own brand DNA, so colour and pattern were important. I’ve aimed for a fashionable, contemporary home-from-home while retaining a rustic charm.”

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