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  • Posted: 10th March 2018
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Having just spent a week exploring Florence’s must-see sites, hotels and restaurants, I feel there is certainly something magical about this place, from the tranquility of the gardens to the busy city. Whether you want to soak up some of the Renaissance or simply wine and dine in a swanky classic setting, Florence has something for all.

During my time in this beautiful city, I visited the Four Seasons Firenze, a hotel in a class of its own, holding so much history and art of the Renaissance.

The property dates back to 1472 where it was a palace or relative architectural and artistic interest, designed and built by architect Guiliano for the Scala family. It is one of the most important places in Florentine History, which from the times of Lorenzo il Magnifico has been one of the main stays for the cities cultural, artistic and entrepreneurial activity. After being an aristocratic residence and passing through a period where it was used as offices the building then entered the Four Seasons era.

A development embracing architecture without precluding the pleasure of contemporary life. The property opened following a lengthy restoration project, executed by Italian workers and master craftsmen who transformed the old Palazzo Della Gherardesca into a 5* luxury hotel.


The work was incomparable in terms of complexity and quality however resulted in a return of an extraordinary place to its original beauty. All renovation was carried out under the attentive supervision of the Florentine Soprintendenza (monuments and fine arts service) allowing the building to change its skin without losing its heritage. Frescoes, stuccoes, visual effects,plays of light and depth are evidence of its rich past.The furnishing of the hotel is contemporary in the making, though Renaissance in style, commissioned by 42 of the most eminent Florentine artisan’s, a way of getting the guest directly acquainted with Florentine workmanship in all its splendour.

The hotel interior is breathtaking for the sumptuousness of decoration, admiring frescoes painted almost 500 years ago, corridors surrounded by carrara marble, bas reliefs and fine Japanese wallpapers allowing guests to get a real feel of the renaissance.

The care and reserve characterised by company policy resulted in many of the world’s jet setters to choose this property in Borgo Pinti for their stay in Florence as well as the cosmopolitan and refined clientele who are fascinated by the Medicean city.

Fine food at the property is also stemmed from the renaissance period. Guests can dine out in the ‘Il Palagio’ in Palazzo Della Gherardesca run by executive chef Vito Mollica, former Michelin star at the Four Seasons hotel in Prague. Inside his domain, a kitchen and a forge of culinary innovation. He creates a Tuscan cuisine which is closely related to an expression of traditional Italian savoir faire. Classical recipes of the country are revisited and transformed with a touch of high professionality. The Four Seasons aim to provide their guests with something that reflects the city, linking to both past and present, allowing them to taste their territory, giving them a sensorial experience closely related to the history of Florence.

Guests can enjoy a drink in the bar situated in the main hall of Palazzo Della Gherardesca. A Bellini cocktail prepared according to most authentic tradition; dry sparkling wine with freshly peeled liquidized white peaches. The Four seasons embraces the philosophy of involvement and inclusion towards Florence and its people by hosting important public events for example the Monnalisa parade during the Pitti Immagine Bimbo fashion show. The hotel is renowned for their Sunday brunch, open to the public inside the central body of the hotel between September and June in order to promote their property as the ‘Florentines new home.’




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