• Posted: 4th December 2017
  • Author: Il Mondo Travel

With experienced travel expert Jo Bunting at the helm as Company Director, Il Mondo Travel’s launch marks the dawn of a new era of travel in North Derbyshire. Possessing an innate ability to offer the most creative and innovative adventures and holidays, Jo’s talents extend well beyond the scope of the conventional travel agent. Well renowned for her personal touch and ability to offer a truly bespoke service tailor-made to individual travel needs, Jo is determined to make full use of her 38 years’ experience in the independent travel sector to successfully drive this family-run business forward in the ensuing months.


The travel industry has witnessed significant changes and ever-evolving trends over the past 2 decades. Although this has presented challenges for the independent retail travel sector, it has positively overcome these and regained a strong position in the overall market place. The numbers of consumers booking through independent travel agents has recently seen its biggest increase in many years, and Il Mondo Travel is perfectly poised to service this trend. Consumers cite the main reasons for this transition back to the travel agent as that of trust, security, knowledge and the offer of a personalised service. All these attributes are paramount in Il Mondo’s business ethos, as they prepare to take meticulous care of customers on their personalised travel planning journey.

Il Mondo Travel has a fresh, inspiring and innovative approach conscientiously serviced by a team of travel experts, who possess the expertise and resources to offer much more than the basics of organising flights, hotels, and tours. This first class team offers a bespoke, tailor-made service to create trips that you simply can’t just book online. For discerning travellers, who believe that the essence of travel is to understand and live the life of the destination area, Il Mondo Travel will find the perfect solution.

Il Mondo is fully aware that today’s travellers want to experience the world in its dynamic, exciting and ever-evolving form. Nowadays, they want and demand a truly authentic and unique travel experience. No longer is it simply about checking boxes at a major tourist hub; rather, it’s about digging deeper into more mainstream destinations or opting for lesser-known spots that can only really be accessed with expert assistance. These are the kinds of trips that can’t be planned with a quick visit to an online search engine; they need the help of experienced  professionals, such as the knowledgeable and helpful staff at Il Mondo Travel.

In order to do this confidently, Il Mondo has developed close relationships with specialist tour operators, who have professionals ‘on the ground’. The local input is vital to achieve authenticity for travellers, and to be able to continuously select and scout new travel experiences. Il Mondo’s enviable reputation in the independent travel sector has been developed through in-depth product knowledge and personal first-hand experiences. The company ethos is centred on the key principle that ‘to confidently recommend a product one has to experience it’.

In recognising that luxury travel is purely subjective and determined by widely diverse personal preferences, Il Mondo Travel seeks to find out in depth what each individual client really wants. For one traveller, it could be a private multi-milliondollar cruise around the Arctic on a famous yacht; for another, it could be reassurance of having their dietary requirements automatically catered for throughout their holiday. Curating something that appeals to the client on a specific personal level above the norm is the next chapter of luxury travel.

This generally means that materialism is less important, whilst time and personal enrichment are paramount. Luxury has evolved to such an extent that experiences supersede objects and possessions. Il Mondo has unique access to some of the most unavailable and undiscovered experiences on earth – thus making it the first stop in a truly personalised travel journey.

Catering for every need, taste and budget, Il Mondo offers a world of totally new adventures around the globe.

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